Tuck Pointing

Cracks in your brick and mortar allow smoke to seep outside of the chimney walls, potentially damaging your home or introducing harmful smoke in your living space. Even worse, holes in your mortar can allow smoke to connect with surrounding combustible materials, starting a fire.


A full removal of the damaged mortar and the replacement of new mortar is a process called repointing.

silhouette of a chimney sweep

A more unique process, tuck pointing is the removal of only the damaged pieces of mortar between bricks, refilling the space with brick colored mortar, and then piping a thin white line to emulate the historic mortar aesthetic.

working on brick staircase

Repointing and tuck pointing are both facets of laying mortar that require exceptional masonry skills and are common Charleston Chimney Sweeps repairs. If you’ve noticed that some of your bricks have started to crumble, don’t wait, call for an inspection so we can give you a full view of what your chimney needs to be safe and usable.


Repointing and tuck pointing get even more complicated when chimney brick repairs are needed inside the chimney. We use special tools and processes to accomplish this so the integrity of your chimney stack is reestablished and can safely contain the heat while allowing smoke to leave your home.