Chimney Services and Chimney Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC


An annual chimney inspection gives you peace of mind before the cooler months arrive that you can safely burn a fire in your home. Like a heating unit check up, getting your chimney inspected ensures that everything is ‘running smoothly’. We check for any blockages in your chimney flue, cracks in any interior or exterior bricks, and any buildup that will need to be swept away before that first fire of the season.


Your inspection will indicate whether or not your chimney needs a good sweeping. There’s no need to sweep if the interior of your chimney is clean. For minor buildup we use brushes and other tools. If your chimney is heavily creosoted we will clear your living room and cover all furniture before using an industry-grade vacuum to clear out the buildup prior to brushing out any remaining soot and debris.


For skilled and honest chimney repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, call us for a free estimate. A trained master chimney sweep, Ash Webster understands the physics and mechanics of fireplaces as well as the chemistry of brick and mortar. With over two decades of experience sweeping and restoring chimneys in South Carolina, Ash should be your first call when it comes to flue, cap, chase cover, damper, brick, mortar, and all other fireplace and chimney repairs.

Historic Restoration

Technically a home can be considered ‘historic’ if it is over 50 years old or is connected to significant historical events. There are scores of homes in the Charleston area well over 100 years old that require specific and special attention when it comes to chimney care. Charleston Chimney Sweeps considers the age of your home and knows the historic restoration regulations that may apply. You can be confident that your chimney will be restored to historical authenticity as well as modern safety standards.


Has your Mount Pleasant chimney sustained devastating damage due to storms, floods, or lightning strikes? Is your chimney past the point of repair and needs to be rebuilt or replaced? Call Ash for a consultation about the best solution for your home. With modern tools and technology it’s possible a new Isokern fireplace will be the most efficient and cost effective option. A third of the price of traditional masonry and more reliable than any prefabricated unit, Isokern fireplaces are zero clearance and no-incident fireplaces that deliver the best heat in your home while removing toxic fumes outside of your home. A hand-laid brick facade can be built on the outside, perfectly matching your home’s existing brickwork.