Meet Ash Webster

The Charleston Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep on a rooftop

Ash Webster began Charleston Chimney Sweeps in 2003 following extensive training by Master Chimney Sweep, Herb Fulmer, in the craft of chimney sweeping, fire safety, system maintenance, draft and flow harnessing techniques, mortar blending techniques, brick architecture, and fireplace design. Undaunted by high rooftops, he works inside, outside, and on top of your home to ensure clean, safe, and well-functioning chimneys and fireplaces.

A trained Master Sweep, Ash is an expert in fireplace mechanics, draft and flow technology, and chimney physics. He knows what to look for when it comes to fireplace and chimney integrity, not just in function, but also design. His passion from the beginning has been to take care of his clients above all and provide excellent chimney and masonry services that leave your home looking better and burning cleaner than ever before.

Ash is a skilled mason who understands the intricacies of brick and mortar. All of which are unique and require specific applications or they will not hold appropriately or match what is currently on your house. Charleston Chimney Sweeps can replicate period brick and mortar on historic homes. Their historically accurate restorations maintain their authentically classic look as well as their structural integrity for the enjoyment of future generations. Learn more about historic restorations here.

mason working on brick chimney
silhouette of a chimney sweep

Charleston Chimney Sweeps strives to deliver the highest level of service and integrity in our craft and provide our customers with satisfaction, value and peace of mind.